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Answering Service Dispatch

Having an effective and reliable answering service dispatch system is an important component of any service business. A dispatch answering service must be prompt, polite, organized, and able to deal efficiently with customers. Correctly handling message dispatching can be the difference between life and death for a business, especially small ones that are looking to make a good impression on first-time customers. We guarantee reliable and effective telephone answering, customer service, and message dispatching through our highly trained professional receptionists.

Answering Service Dispatch Experience

Receptionists answer calls in your company name and represent an extension of your business, so leaving answering service dispatch in the hands of non-professional dispatchers can be a business-risking move. Our receptionists make sure that your company is represented by well-mannered agents that are rigorously trained to provide the best service possible. They are always prepared to take accurate, precise messages and dispatch them through your choice of communication means. We have experience providing answering service dispatch for a variety of industries, including: 

      • Medical, Health, Doctors, & Physicians 
      •  Utilities, Power, Gas, Etc.
      •  Contractors
      • Schools, Colleges, Educational Facilities, Municipalities 
      •  Automotive 
      •  Many, many more

Service Dispatch How You Need It

Our answering service dispatchers know how your company is organized and are instructed to determine exactly where each individual message should go, be it sales, service, or repair. Regardless of the size of your business, we are ready to do what it takes to create a custom plan so that your company can run quicker, smoother, and more efficiently. Our call center is filled with experienced receptionists ready to tackle any kind of customer service issue or special order. Our service dispatch offers: 

      • Quick, efficient call handling: Calls are answered immediately and quickly sorted.
      • Customized Greetings: Represent your business how you see fit by instructing our agents how to answer your calls. Call Screening: Save time by making sure that the calls you hear are relevant. 
      • Customer Satisfaction: Make all customers feel like their business is truly appreciated, ensuring that they will continue to contact you in the future.

You wouldn't leave other departments of your company in the hands of inexperienced employees, so why should you risk it when dealing with the most important aspect of all, your customers?

Leave the Good Impression to Us

Our answering service dispatch receptionists are specially trained to cater to the needs of businesses based on customer service. They are the most friendly and compassionate agents around, ready to deal with any unforeseen problem and dedicated to providing the best service possible to each customer. While you take care of the business aspects of your company, our answering service specializes in customer interaction to provide you with a most sparkling image to your customers